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The new Hyundai CRETA. Undisputed. Ultimate.

Nothing stands in comparison to the presence of the new Hyundai CRETA. At first glance, the new design becomes sharper, more modern and progressive. Precise body lines accentuate the commanding stance. The premium SUV looks powerful, refined, and captivating with lavish surfaces highlighting the sportiness that is signature to CRETA.

Get ready to meet the new Hyundai CRETA – Undisputed. Ultimate!

As the engine of Hyundai CRETA Adventure Edition roars to life, your heart will start pounding with anticipation. Get ready for the crisp morning air to fill your lungs as you buckle up in the ultimate SUV, ready to embark on an unforgettable adventurous ride.

What a legend looks like.

Bold. Charismatic. Extraordinary. The new Hyundai CRETA is symbolic of all things impressive no matter how you look at it.


Ultimate Connectivity

The new Hyundai CRETA is equipped with home-to-car with Alexa and innovative Hyundai Bluelink app gives you the power to control your car from the comfort of your home or office.


Ultimate Safety

The new Hyundai CRETA comes equipped with 70 plus advanced safety features including six airbags, as standard.


Spatial artistry

With its symphony of space, the new Hyundai CRETA is a work of art. In the new Hyundai CRETA, every journey is a moving moment – even when stationary.


Ultimate sound

Immerse yourself and make every drive an Ultimate driving experience with the powerful, precision tuned Bose Premium Sound System (8 speakers)

The new Hyundai CRETA - Ultimate features


Paddle shifters


Choice of transmission (MT, AT, DCT & IVT)


Choice of engine (1.5l PL, 1.5l DSL, 1.5l Turbo PL)

Built on Hyundai’s Global Design Language of ‘Sensuous Sportiness’, the new Hyundai CRETA exudes bolder stance and a head-turner design. Featuring a robust and modern exterior design with a blend of functional and premium interiors, new Hyundai CRETA represents a perfect amalgamation of an SUV that will match the city requirements of the customers as well as satiate the adrenaline daredevil in them.

Presenting a captivating and powerful appeal, the new Hyundai CRETA reveals a commanding front look with the new radiator grill and upright hood design displaying a strong, assertive and distinct road presence.

The new Hyundai CRETA will be available across 7 variants and will be offered in 6 mono-tone colour options including Robust Emerald Pearl (New), Fiery Red, Ranger Khaki, Abyss Black, Atlas White, Titan Grey and 1 dual-tone colour option available in Atlas White with Black Roof.

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