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Incredible safety

Loaded with most advanced safety features, the all-new i20 offers the most comprehensive safety package in its class-the 6 airbags are built to provide maximum protection, while electronic stability control (ESC) with vehicle stability management (VSM) and emergency stop signal (ESS) provide peace of mind.

More safety equipment,
because you deserve the superior safety


Vehicle stability management (VSM)

VSM optimizes directional stability by controlling the Motor driven power steering(MDPS) and brakes on each wheel


Hill assist control (HAC)

HAC prevents the vehicle from rolling back by operating the brakes automatically for 1-2 seconds.


Tyre pressure monitoring system (highline) with display on MID

Electronic system that monitors the tyre air pressure and alerts you when it falls, Drive with complete peace of mind and enjoy all your journeys


6 airbags

The 6 Airbags system provides all round protection in case of frontal/side impact. The overall safety is ensured by the Driver airbag, passenger, side and curtain airbags

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