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True dominance isn’t just about power, it’s also about control. The Hyundai CRETA N Line empowers you to conquer the asphalt while staying safe. Armoured with 6 airbags, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), and disc brakes with red caliper that work behind the scenes for unwavering stability and safety. Paired with 70+ total safety features and Hyundai SmartSense Level 2 ADAS, to give you a panoramic field of safety. Letting you push the limits knowing that the Hyundai CRETA N Line is built to handle both thrill and safety with ease.


Surround view monitor (SVM) & Blind-spot view monitor (BVM)


Six airbags standard

More safety equipment,
because you deserve the superior safety

Hyundai SmartSense - Level 2 ADAS

Hyundai CRETA N Line isn't just about adrenaline-pumping performance, it's about driving with confidence and composure.That's where Hyundai SmartSense Level 2 ADAS comes in.

Imagine navigating twisty roads calmly, knowing the SUV has your back. From staying in lane or maintaining distance, the level 2 ADAS handles it all seamlessly, freeing you to truly connect with the road. Experience the joy of spirited driving, as advanced safety features work tirelessly to ensure every journey is as exhilarating as it is secure.

With Hyundai SmartSense Level 2 ADAS, performance meets peace of mind, and every drive is yours to command, with confidence.

Disclaimer : Hyundai Motor India reserves the right to change specifications, colour, equipment and schemes at any time without prior notice

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